Questions About Voting?

What You Need to Know to Vote!

– Am I registered to Vote?
You can check your voter registration status here.

– Where do I Vote?
Check the PA Polling Place Guide

– Do I need identification to Vote?

You are NOT required to show ID, UNLESS you are a FIRST TIME Voter, or you have MOVED or you are submitting an Absentee Ballot.

  Check for yourself:

– Where do I get an Absentee  Ballot?
Appy for an Absentee Ballot Online
Download and Print and Mail an Absentee Ballot Application
PA Rules for Absentee Ballots

– When are Absentee Ballots Due?
They must arrive on or before Election Day.
The last day to apply for a Ballot is one week before an election.

– Who can use an Absentee Ballot?
You can find the rules for each state here.

– What if I am a first time Voter?
The VotesPA website has lots of information for new voters.  

– When are the Polls generally open to Vote?
Tuesday of Voting week, usually 7 AM to 8 PM

– What is the deadline for Voter Registration for the November election?
Approx. 1 month before

- Can I get reminders of upcoming elections?

      Do you have any other Questions not answered here?
Email the Committee